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You couldn't help bet let out a small whimper escape your lips as you stared at the recently locked door that stood in front of you. You couldn't escape the room, there were no windows you noticed looking around as you turned your back to the door. That's when you noticed the room you were placed in, it was wonderfully furnished with a small sofa facing a brick fireplace that was burning wood. To your right there was a wonderfully polished redwood desk with a matching redwood chair. You glanced at your shoes to understand what was it you were standing on$. It was a cream and black victorian rug with a unique intricate design that you have never seen before. On the walls were beautiful paintings of landscape and to your surprise, sunflowers. There was a rather large bed in front of you that stood in the middle back of the room. It was a four poster mahogany bed with burgundy curtains tied around each post. The sheets were a dark violet satin and silk with matching pillows. Everything in this room was so elegant and rather expensive looking to you, you have never seen quite this luxury in all of your life, until now that is.

You walked closer to the bed and only one thing stood out from al the purple and when you saw this item you felt a blush find its way to your face, but it was more out of anger than embarrassment. There laying on the bed besides the pillows was a maid outfit.

You grabbed it with shock, embarrassment and anger bubbling through your vains! You were a man, not some girl to be used around with no dignity.

"How dare he?!! Not only does he take me.... but to be ridiculed like this!" You shouted to absolutely no one in particular throwing the outfit back on the bed.

You sat on the comfortable bed clenching your fists at your side the darned disgraceful dress at your side. You couldn't help but admit that you felt very vulnerable at the moment, and weak. You did not like to feel weak. But what else could you do about were taken over by a larger nation, Russia, sure you knew of him and even met him on occasion but never did it cross your mind that he would try to take you.

You ran a hand through your short (h/c) as you thought about that man. That very same man that took you from your home after a long stress full battle. He took you away from it all. You remembered well how he looked,  cinder blonde hair, purple eyes, a J shaped nose, and a smile....that smile send shivers down your spine at this moment. It made him look so childish and innocent but he wasn't after you saw what he had done, or was he?'

'Maybe he wanted to take me for so long, that this is his only way he knows how. Maybe he needed some company at his lonely home?'

You shook your head trying to think right. Maybe you hit your head really hard and this was only a dream... but you knew deep down that it wasn't a dream, it was real.

There was a noise at the door, it sounded like someone was going to open the door. You gulped but sat up off the bed standing up straight to meet your demise. The door opened painfully slow before it was opened to reveal the tall Russian, with a smile on his face. It would make you feel a million times better to punch that smile right off his face. Though you couldn't bring yourself to do it as you clenched your fist and jaw in anger. Your adam's apple bobbed in your throat as you swallowed waiting for what he was going to do. You were his prisoner of war after all.

Russia walked into the room shutting the door behind him as he slowly walked to your direction. He wore his cream colored coat and had his scarf still wrapped around his neck. The closer he got the more you felt a certain feeling creep along the back of your neck. It wasn't out of fear, it was something completely different.

"Hallo my little (country name) how do you like this room?"he asked you as if nothing happened, as if he did not just take you after years of comradeship.

Being stubborn as you always where when you were angry you kept your mouth shut, might as well show him that you did not want to talk. You looked at him, he still smiled.

"Its nice isn't it, well it is my room after all. I mean this is your first time at my home."

You couldn't hide the shock that passed through your face. Why would he place you in his room. It made absolutely no sense, he could have easily tossed you in a dingy cell, but no, he placed you in his own room. You could not understand his motive. But you thought you could get at least an answer. Going back on your oath not to speak, you opened your mouth.

"What do you want?"you asked him straight forward.

Russia looked at you with eyebrows raised before lowering them and smiling.

"Ahh so you speak now, I thought you were going to stay angry at me forever (country name) Well why else would I a much larger nation take you? Its really easy," he said before walking closer and standing directly in front of you. His face only inches apart you could smell vodka on his breath. He towered over you but you couldn't bring yourself to look away from his purple blue orbs they seemed to pierce your soul. You were smaller compared to him and it hit a certain part of your ego every single time. Russia continued to speak.

"Oh подсолнечник, did you like your present?" He asked. Russia completely ignored your question as he gazed at the maid's outfit that lay crumpled on the bed.

"Dont ignore me Russia. Answer me!" You demanded standing up straighter to boost your height.

You only glared at this man in front of you. To your surprise he continued smiling but you didn't notice the gloved hand reaching towards your neck until it was to late. Russia gripped you hard around your neck cutting off your air making you stare at him completely wide eyed, the fear now noticeable to him. He looked at you and brought your face close to his, gripping tighter as you brought your hands to his death grip trying to pry his hand off of your neck. He was too strong and you were wasting your energy fighting him as he continued to choke you. It seemed so long but it was only a small amount of seconds that passed by.

" are really spunky aren't you? Well, since i feel nice ill answer you, but you have to do me a favor."

The only thing you could do was nod your head as you felt your eyes begin to water. He saw your agreement and slowly removed his hand causing you to gasp in a heavy amount of oxygen that you had missed so much. As soon as he let go he grabbed the collar of your own (color) coat.

"First my favor, then you get your answers."

"What do you want?" you asked in a somewhat raspy voice your neck was aching from the grip Russia held on you. It was most likely going to bruise later. You couldn't lie, you were a little curious from what else Russia wanted from you.

"Strip naked." He said completely calm you had to take a double take. Your eyebrows high on your forehead and eyes wide.

"Wh-what?! Why?"you stuttered.

"No questions, you agreed and now you must comply" he smiled releasing your collar as a stepped back to give you some room to unclothe yourself.

"No." You glared at him.

"Im not asking you to." he gave you this creepy look that you couldn't look away from nor deny his wishes.

'Maybe he wanted me to change into the dress....though at least he isn't going to kill me.'you desperately reassured yourself as you brought your shaky hands to your coat and began to unbutton it. You never looked away from Russia as he himself never looked away from you.

After fully unbuttoning you dropped the (color) coat on the bed. You moved your fingers to trembly lift up the long sleeve and dropped it next to the coat. A wife beater was only left before it too was dropped on the bed. You were completely shirtless in front of Russia and could feel his gaze run down your pecks and softly designed muscles on your stomach and he dropped his gaze to your hips noticing the V they made towards the inside of them. You blushed knowing that you were only half way there and were Russia's eyes still lingered at your crotch. The sooner this was over with, the better.

You started removing your heavy duty army boots before you tried to remove your pants and set them besides the bed along with your socks. Now you unzipped your pants avoiding eye contact from Russia, this was embarrassing. You never thought you would be in this position before and could feel a tingling make its way to your cock. The mere sensation made you wince, you shouldn't be aroused by this!

You dropped your pants to the floor before kicking them off your feet not bothering to place them on the bed. The only thing left were your nation covered boxers that were riding low on your hip, the (color) happy trail leading what was kept down below. Slowly you raised your eyes to meet Russia's a small blush covering your cheeks as you noticed a hungry look pass by his purple eyes.

Before you noticed he was in front of you once again. But before you could say anything you felt pressure upon your lips. It took a moment to realize that it was Russia kissing you rather deeply taking in your gasp to his advantage. He massaged his tongue with your own as you were still surprised with your (color) eyes meeting his purple ones before you couldn't help but relax after he shut his eyes and you fallowed suit. You brought your arms to his back as he grabbed your neck pushing the kiss closer. You slowly moved your head to the side causing him to lick your lips and teeth moving his hands down to your hip toying with your boxers. You yourself kept your self occupied by unbuttoning hid coat slowly pushing it off his arms as the kiss deepened once again. You groaned into his mouth as he moved hid hand over the fabric right in front of your cock rubbing in circles causing you to bite his lip. He smirked a little fully removing the coat and shirt, but he hesitated a little with removing his scarf breaking the kiss.

You looked at him slightly flustered and confused your arms still on his chest that were covered by the grey wife beater as he looked down at his scarf. Your chest was heaving, your heart beating rapidly curious as to what Russia was thinking. You couldn't help but admit that you wanted this. You craved for it feeling yourself harden in the thought of it.

Russia brought up his arms from your hip to his scarf before slowly removing it and placing it carefully on the night stand besides the bed. You couldn't help yourself when you spotted his neck and brought your swollen lips to tenderly kiss his neck. You felt Russia groan at the sensation and felt quite proud of yourself to make a nose come out of his lips. You slowly brought your hands to his pants feeling confident and start to unbutton them. Russia himself rubbed your waist fallowing his fingertips over your smooth skin, it was slightly ticklish. You got to remove his pants happy that he had no shoes on.

Moving your lips along his neck leaving him chaste kisses before moving back to his sweet delicious lips. He stepped away to remove his wife beater. The both of you were now only clad in your own nation colored boxers. He met your lips once again hungrily nipping at your lower lip eager to meet your tongue once again. He leaned forward pushing you down to the soft silk satin purple bed. You brought your hands to run them along his hair tugging on it as he pushed you on the bed before pushing all the clothes off the bed.

You leaned on your elbows waiting to meet his lips once again. You were pushed to lay on your back as he completely straddled you grasping at your boxers. You knew what he wanted as you opened your eyes to reassure him that you were fine. He smiled kissing your lips before leaving them to wander down your neck and to your chest as he removed your boxers.

He kissed and licked your nipple perking it up causing you to groan and grasp his hair tightly. He flicked your other nipple before bestowing his sweet attention to it. Your cock twitched at the attention already hardening. He stopped to look at you with a smile still on his face. You blushed as he grasped your hardened member giving it a long stroke making you softly whimper at the sensation. It felt so good. But he released it causing you to groan. He moved his his hips towards your head. He wasn't wearing his boxers anymore as you were met face to rick. His member was really large and thick already pulsing hardened with precummed dripping from the head. You blushed knowing what Russia wanted.

You brought your lips slowly to lick the head, Russia shivered on top of you. You brought him in your mouth licking and massaging him with your mouth as he began to stroke you as well causing you to groan. He was too big for your entire mouth so you brought your hands to massage the base of him long and strong as he did the same to you. You felt your balls being massaged by his fingers as you tried to deep throat him causing you to gag a bit before continuously giving him attention as he did you. You felt his hips move as did yours to the equal sensation. Both of you gasping and moaning. To your surprise Russia removed himself from your mouth.

"Not yet for me подсолнечник, I want to cum inside you." He gasped

You shuddered feeling yourself sweat as he kept massaging you. It felts so good you then felt his other hand penetrate your rear with one finger to loosen you up. The odd alien penetration felt oddly satisfying bringing you close to the edge. He kept with his motions until you couldn't help but cum in his hand tossing your head to the pillows in bliss.

His ministrations moved from your dripping cock to his mouth as he licked his hand cleaned. Two fingers now deep inside you felt so good. The sight of him licking his hand brought you back to reality and made you let out a rather loud groan of his name.

"Call me Ivan, da?" he said kissing you roughly pulling your hair before flipping you and lifting you up on your fours.

"Then call me ________" you gasped.

You felt something poking your back as you turned your head to the side to look at what Russia was doing. He reached at the side of the bed opening the nightstand grabbing a bottle of something.

"Do you always have lube there?" You asked curiously as he opened it and placed some on your puckering ass hole. You shivered at the cool penetration. It felt so good.

"No, just for you." He answered truthfully. It did surprise you for him to say that he actually wanted this to happen as much as you did. He rubbed some on his own pulsing member.

"Ready?" He asked all you could do was nod. Your mouth felt so dry and your lungs couldn't grasp the deep gulps of air you inhaled. Before anything else could be said he moved and penetrated you causing you to throw your head back and moan at the sensation. Ivan was not even half way in you as he tried to control himself from ramming into your ass. You felt your own excitement stand up and twitch. Again he moved causing you to shout his name. He was now fully buried deep inside you. You were so tight at warm it felt so good to him. He felt so good inside you though at the moment you felt as you were being stretched.

Both of you stood still letting you adjust to his length and girth.

"Ivan,"you moaned softly moving your hips so he could begin to move. He complied removing himself before thrusting himself deep in you once again. Back and forth you both went as he continuously slammed into you. Moaning groaning each other's name was the only sound heard in his empty house. You started to move your ass to his thrusting hips so he could fill you in deeper. And he did.

You moaned feeling your climax building ready for sweet release inside your member. You were so close to falling over the edge. You needed just a bit more. And then he did something that sent you completely over the edge. He smacked your ass causing you to release yourself and clench yourself around him making him cum inside you. His hot seed driving itself in you and escape your butt hole. His sheets were completely ruined as you collapsed on to the bed so exhausted covered in sweat as was ivan as he pulled out of you eiping your ass with the sheet before laying beside you. Both of you breathing deeply.

"Become one with Russia?" He asked you as you turned your head to face him completely. His hair disheveled as he sweated.

"Is that what you wanted from the beginning"you asked him.

You couldn't help but laugh,"You could have ask rather than taking me you know, but i'll be one with you.Just don't make me wear that maid dress"you answered kissing his lips.

Russia laughed,"It was just intimidation," but his laughter ceased, "don't leave me." He said, the look and hurt his voice and face gave you tugged at your heart. You were right after all, he was just so alone not knowing how to be friends other than taking them.

"I wont." You answered him kissing him once again as you snuggled to his chest. Russia smiled and wrapped his arms around you in contempt.
Im sorry for it taking a while to post!

This a request for :iconmidnavocaloid01:
POW = Prisoner of War

I still have a bunch of requests to make and it is going to be a long while. Tomorrow I start school!! URGH
and since Im going to be a senior....STRESSFUL YEAR!!
And then on top of that Im trying to get accepted to a private school so IM beyond STRESSED.:iconotlplz: Im sorry I wanted it to be better!! I really did but I was rushing myself to finish this today because I know that I am not going to have time after tomorrow because of school.

THIS IS MY FIRST YAOI!! Im sorry if there is something wrong, I mean I read yaoi but I have never written it before so OAO
:iconpervyrussiaplz: Not to say that IM complaining i mean i enjoyed writing it :iconiggybrowsplz:
Heheheh i hope you like, not too much MUWAHHAHA :iconohrussiaplz:

I will not be held responsible for the thousands of nosebleeds :iconnosebleedplz: that may come, REAd with CUATION :iconprussiaw00tplz:

Next request will be an AustriaxReader
подсолнечник = Sunflower

Please watch my account,fav and/or comment on my journal if you want a request!

Russia's sexyiness by Hidekazu Himaruya :iconhimaruyaplz:
YOU © :iconsexyrussiaplz:
Note: If the cover picture I used is yours please tell me so I can give you all the credit for it. I am sorry if I use it without permission know that I in no way meant to steal your art.
Cover art:[link]

:iconfavsplz::iconfavs2plz: :iconcopyrplz::iconcopyr2plz:
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However, I really enjoyed the story! Good job and I love how you have Russia call the reader sunflower. It's mega cute.
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