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September 3, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

You were currently making your way to your apartment after a long day of work. Seeing as you didn't own a car you were forced to walk home since the only bus that took you directly to your apartment stopped running at 10 at night. You could have called to get picked up but when you tried dialing for your boyfriend's number it went directly to his voicemail. So your only choice was to walk. You had to admit that you were glad to see some people still on the streets walking to an unknown area. It released the tension from your shoulders but you were still completely aware of your surroundings.

Clutching the hand bag closer to your body you moved your (color)(length) hair away from your face to clear your vision. You focused on the sidewalk occasionally looking from side to side towards the dark buildings that had few to no lights on. The noise your shoes made with the occasional sound of a passing car was the only noises you heard as you began to notice there were less people on the street. It did make you a bit nervous that you couldn't help but increase the pace of your footsteps. You just wanted to be home already and take a long warm shower to ease all your aches from the day. You passed by a street sign and noticed that you were less than 3 blocks away from your apartment.

Determined you walked in long strides holding your jacket closer as you felt a strong breeze flow by. Finally, you were almost home. In the relief of figuring that out you didn't notice the shadow that kept fallowing you.

The person looked at you admirably and continued to fallow you sticking to the darkness away from the street lamps. He didn't want to be noticed because then his cover would be blown, and were was the fun in that. He smirked to himself noticing you cross the street, he hugged the wall to his back as you turned around. Once you looked over the sidewalk and found nothing you shrugged your shoulders and continued walking. He noticed this and wanted to start laughing for having himself perfectly cloaked and for you to be completely unaware of his presence. His plan was going smoothly as he saw you stop at the door of an apartment. He then turned and walked to the alley besides your apartment building.

Content at finally arriving home you took out your keys from opening the door. After entering in the slightly warmer environment you closed and locked the door behind you. The light to the little waiting room was always on and lit up the area nicely. Walking to the wall on your right was were residents mail boxes were placed. You opened your own taking out a couple of letters before shutting it. You then made your way up the stairs to your floor.

Since the apartment building was not the big there were only 3 floors and each floor contained a minimum of 3-4 residential apartments. It may be small but it was at least big enough to not feel claustrophobic. The apartment rooms were pretty big for one person and most could be shared with 1 or more room mates. There was also a fire exit available at the left side of the building to allow easy access to escape in case of an emergency.

You made your way to the second floor and walked to the end of the hallway on your left. You saw your residential number as you walked closer to the door. Grabbing the correct key you opened the door and closed it behind you.

Finally you were home. You let out a soft sigh turning on the light letting a soft glow fill the empty house. You walked to the living room setting your purse down on the coffee table along with your keys. You set your coat on the sofa removing your cell phone from the front pocket. You wanted to check your messages to see if Mathias had replied to your calls. Turning on the phone it read that you had not received anything.

Rolling your eyes you started making your way to your bedroom. Turning on the light you stretched walking to the drawers that held your clothes and started taking out your pajamas. You took out fresh underwear as well and grabbed your towel that you kept hung by your closet door. Making your way into the bathroom you turned on the lights and set your phone by the sink before turning on your online radio to fill the void that surrounded the house.

Shutting the door you shimmied out of your clothes turning on the water and letting it run until it was the right temperature. You set the clothes on top of the toilet seat and the towel on the rack before your drew the curtains back and entered the perfect spray. You kept your eyes closed as you ran your hands over your hair making sure it got all wet. The water was so relaxing as was your music playing all you wanted was to fall asleep were you stood. You began to scrub yourself and wash clean when the curtain opened and someone grabbed you clamping a hand over your mouth.

Your eyes flew open completely startled and aware that someone was in your house. Did you leave anything unopened? You tried struggling from the strong grip jerking and moving around not caring that you were completely naked but determined to escape from this person. What if they were a serial killer or a rapist? Was someone fallowing you?!

The person stopped your struggling by grabbing you around the waist and holding your naked form closer to their body. They were getting soaked as well from the shower that was still running. You wanted to move away but you couldn't, you wanted to scream but you couldn't do that either. Your eyes were still wide with fear as you felt someones breath hit your ear.

"You shouldn't leave your window unlocked." you head butted the "criminal" making him release his strong grip. You turned to face the person who's voiced sounded so familiar to see them holding their nose in pain and cursing in Danish. Thats when you noticed the spiky blonde hair and build of none other than your boyfriend. It was Mathias!!

"What the hell Mathias!?" you shouted grabbing your towel and started beating him with it. He scared the shit out of you, "I thought you were a serial killer or something!! Dont do that again or next time it wont be your nose that will be bleeding!"

You stopped beating him as he sat on the floor one hand to his face, the other was trying to protect himself from your blows.

" Hvad fanden?!"(What the hell?!") He exclaimed putting his arm down and looked at you still holding his nose that was bleeding a little.

You noticed the blood and couldn't help but feel a bit bad, but you were angry at the moment.

"No! I should be the one screaming what the hell?! Why did you do that!? You really scared me Mathias! I thought you were a rapist or a robber!" You shouted placing a hand on your hips. You were still naked but didn't care at the moment, and besides he had seen you naked already.

" Undskyld , but I wanted to surprise you."

"Next time announce yourself. Dont just grab me and close my mouth!" You hit him again with the towel

" Undskyld !! I mean I even fallowed you from work to make sure that you were safe. I knew what time you were getting off, and I didn't have my cell phone since I killed it earlier bugging Lukas. I also was in the neighborhood, and if I had a key I would not have used the fire exit."

You turned off the water and looked at him. His blue eyes spoke the truth, and you couldn't stay mad. He ment well. You tied the towel around your wet body and moved to the bathroom to get some toilet paper.

"Here let me help."

You moved his hand away and started wiping away the blood and held another napkin to his nose.

"Thanks Mathias, but dont do that again."

" promises. Unless we can find common ground on this...situation" he wiggled his brows suggestively with a stupid grin on his face. You couldn't help but laugh, feeling relaxed after your current scare.

"Psh after this, I dont really know."

Mathias grabbed your wrist and pulled your hand away from his nose that stopped bleeding. He moved closer and pressed his lips to yours. His kisses were sweeter than chocolate you had to kiss back. He brought his hand to your waist massaging you through the towel and the other found its way to your wet hair. Slowly you moved your own hands to his neck and back of his head tilting your head to kiss him deeper. He broke the kiss and smirked at you.

"Im freaking....amazing. Now lets try something." He stood up from the floor removing his shirt, shoes, pants and boxers leaving him completely bear. You blushed seeing him naked, he always made you blush, perhaps because he was extremely bold.

He grabbed you and pulled you up off the floor. As you stood he removed the towel from your body and left it on the floor. The cool wind hit you hard, your flesh was covered in goose bumps and your nipples hardened from the cold. Mathias admired you up and down as he made his way into the shower to turn it on.

You admired his behind. What could you say, it was really nice. You giggled as you brought your hand and smacked it making Mathias yelp and look at you, eyes wide. You laughed more.

"What? If you can do that to me, I can do it too."

He stuck out his tongue adjusting the water with one hand as his other reached and flicked your left nipple. You gasped at the contact but he already set you both in the shower closing the curtain.

Both of you were directly under the warm water's spray. His spiky hair fell down completely wet on his head as you brought your arms to the back of his neck. You gently began to massage the base of his head. He sighed in contempt looking at you lustfully. You met his gaze equally as his hand traveled towards your nether region.

Both of you brought your lips together kissing slowly. His hand finally made it to his desired destination as he gently rubbed you making you let out a soft moan. His tongue entered your mouth and massaged your own tongue. He continued to rub as he found your nub and worked it to his will. Heat made its way to your womanhood as you felt the delicate nerves being coaxed by working fingers. The sensation was very vivid, you couldn't help but run your short nails down his back.

Still massaging with his thumb he moved his index finger around your core sensuously. You bit his lip to show that it felt good, but that the teasing was frustrated. Mathias chuckled in response as he inserted one finger inside.

"Mmm you're so warm." He commented breaking the kiss. You gasped for air feeling your heart beat quicken. The warm water still cascaded down your naked bodies.

You moved closer to Mathias placing your head to the crook of his neck as he rubbed you from inside. It felt really good. Then he inserted his middle finger....your loins were burning. You kissed his neck moaning softly as he did what he knew best. He knew how to play you like an instrument. He started setting a pace with his finger still rubbing the sensitive nub. You groaned his name as you moved his head to kiss him hungrily. The kiss deepened and you felt your legs become weak with all the excitement you were feeling. You moaned louder as he hit a certain spot that made your toes curl . You softly yanked his blonde hair as you felt yourself get closer into reaching pure bliss.

Mathias removed his fingers from you making you release a disgruntled noise. You moved away to look at his face. He just had this sexy look, but you still glared at him.

You placed your hand on his behind and pinched it.

"Ow! You're really violent today."

"And you are a masochist" you stated slowly rubbing his behind making your way to his length that was standing at attention.

Mathias grabbed your right leg placing it over his hip. He was only inches from entering you, and you couldn't help but feel a sort of adrenaline make its way through your body. You gazed down admiring his muscled form, he had a few scars adorning his body but he was handsome. You fallowed down his stomach noticing the way his body formed a V directly leading to his proud member.

He grasped your neck kissing you as he placed himself deep inside you. Both of you moaned in each others mouth. He pushed you towards the wall in order to get a sense of balance. You were thankful because at the moment your legs felt like jello. Kissing heavily you placed your other leg around his waist and locked both legs behind his back. Mathias hadnt moved, he was too preoccupied with the feeling of being inside you. So warm, tight and wet. It was perfect and he just wanted to stay inside. You made your way to lick his ear as Mathias moved his hips causing you to moan in his ear.

If he had no self control he would have cum inside you, but it did motivate him to start thrusting. He trailed kiss on your neck as you rubbed his back and occasional behind. The thrusting was slow but then it started to gain a quicker pace. You began to move with him as well.

"Oh oh oh oh dont you move, keep going right there." You moaned loudly as you felt him hit a spot. A coil was winding so tightly inside you the more he rolled his hips.

" åh gud! Så godt!" He groaned out as well.

The thrusting had become extremely erratic, you both felt that sensation that was raising you up to cloud 9. So close!

"_________, Im.....fuck....immm......"incoherent words escaped Mathias lips as he came inside you

"Mathias!" You shouted fallowing after him. Your mouth lay open and your toes were curled in complete bliss. Your arms rested on his shoulders and his head rested by your neck. The both of you were breathing heavily that you could hardly hear the shower running nor the music you had left playing on the phone.

You both stood there trying to calm each others breathing and heart rate, if it weren't for the water your flesh would be covered in sweat. Slowly Mathias moved his head away and gave you a long kiss as he slipped out of you.

"That was fun" he said

You nodded your head as the both of you started to wash each other finally. After both of you were clean you turned off the water and dried each other off. You dried Mathias as he dried you, but he couldn't help himself. He moved closer and kissed your neck licking a water drop that had falling from your neck. Your body quickly responded to the sensation. He moved away to stare into your eyes. They were dilated with lust.

"Ready for round too

"You dont have to ask me twice."

Mathias dropped the towel as he lifted you up with a wide smile. You giggled as he carried you out of the bathroom and made his way towards your bedroom.
I couldnt I wrote this!

Request for :iconraphaelatheturtel:

Chika, you are right! I write better when I have little to no sleep and have nothing to do in the night xD It did work for this idea. :icondenmarkplz: N then Denmark is just awesome!
Well he is a part of the AWESOME TRIO!! *3*

Idk where I got the still half asleep...n i have to work on my Mass Effect armor....weeee... :iconotlplz:
ps. i also bought Silent Hill downpour *3* I LOVE IT! I've been playing it non stop

But I hope you like it, there are only so few ways to explain in detail the *ahem* lemon act :iconyaydenmarkplz:

If I get anything wrong in DANISH please tell me. I have no idea about the language T_T so It may sound retarded IM SORRY!

Denmark Hidekazu Himaruya :iconhimaruyaplz:
You :iconsexydenmarkplz:

Cover Art:[link]
Note:If the cover picture I used is yours please tell me so I can give you all the credit for it. I am sorry if I use it without permission know that I in no way meant to steal your art.

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That...was awesome!!!
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Oh wow.
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Voice in my head- its your secret desire.. you know its true.... *smirk*

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Eliza: ((Prussia's daughter)) *scarred for life.*
Me: ((admin)) *snickers*
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I should comment something awesome, but Mathias stole my skill of speaking. My apologies.
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